PUC Preparatory School | Mission & Learning Competencies

The next step in Christian education.

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Pacific Union College Preparatory School is a Seventh-day Adventist Christian learning community called to meet the needs of all students through quality activities that encourage learning, leadership, and service in preparation for college, for life, and for Heaven.

learning competencies

For College
‣ Possess an enthusiasm for learning
‣ Acquire the skills for critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving
‣ Communicate effectively in written, spoken, and visual media

For Life
‣ Accept the responsibility for effective citizenship
‣ Make choices that create balance in physical, mental and spiritual well-being
‣ Explore and understand their talents and gifts
‣ Demonstrate skill and sensitivity in interpersonal relationships
‣ Develop an appreciation of the arts

For Heaven
‣ Make informed and ethical life choices based on Biblical principles
‣ Experience an ongoing, developing relationship with God that fosters love for others