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financial planning

Prep is dedicated to making sure that Christian education is possible for everyone. We work with families to create the best financial plans possible, utilizing Prep's own Merit Scholarships along with support from our incredible community. Never before have Christ-centered academics been so attainable. Explore how we can help you make Prep the next step in your journey to excellence today!

tuition information

Tuition for the 2013/14 school year is $9,600. International student tuition information can be found here.

Discounts are available for constituent church members* and faculty or staff of Pacific Union College. To learn more about faculty and staff discounts, contact the business manager's office at 707 200 2648 x 2103 or business@pucprep.org. We also offer prepay and registration discounts that can be found on the Tuition & Fees sheet or the Financial Information letter for this year.

A registration fee is charged for students entering or returning to Prep. The freshman and sophomore fee is $300 and the junior and senior fee is $400. Both are eligible for a discount of 75 dollars if paid by May 31. These fees go towards class and student association activities, as well as school provided services.

To see other miscellaneous fees, take a look at the Tuition & Fees sheet for this year. Many of the fees are for optional activities. For example, students who don't participate in varsity sports or honors humanities won't need to pay those fees.

book deposit
To ensure that students have the most up to date textbooks, a $200 refundable book deposit is collected at the beginning of the school year. This is only collected once during a students enrollment at Prep and is returned in full at time of graduation or withdrawal.

payment schedule & collection policy
In commitment to Prep’s Vision and Values Statement and to ensure the financial viability of our institution, Prep utilizes the following tuition payment schedule and collection policy.

Tuition charges are divided into 10 payments, starting with August. On the first day of the month Prep mails out a monthly statement to help keep students accounts current. Tuition payments and other charges on the statement are due by the 15th of each month. A $25 monthly finance charge will apply on past due accounts. If the bill is not paid within 60 days of the due date, or a plan for complete payment has not been approved by the finance committee, a student will be asked to withdraw. Please call the business office at 965-7360 for further details.

The account is to be paid in full:
‣ At the end of the school year (May) or at the time of withdrawal of the student, and before final grade reports are released
‣ Before registration is completed for another school year, and/or
‣ Before seniors can participate in graduation and receive diplomas. No repayment plans will be accepted at that point
‣ Before any major trip. (Senior class trip, music/history trip, etc.)

The account is to be paid in full, or have an approved repayment plan, before semester final exams can be taken. An examination pass will be issued to students. Students without an examination pass are not permitted to take semester finals.

Help Prep remain academically sounds, financially healthy and a strong positive, vibrant force in the community by keeping these policies in mind and staying current on your account.


tuition assistance
Prep is dedicated to making Seventh-day Adventist education a reality for any student who wants to attend. If you wish to apply for Tuition Assistance, it is necessary to fill out the Tuition Assistance form and submit it to the Business Manager along with a copy of your 2013 tax return.

deadline: to be announced


merit scholarships
We are excited to offer scholarships to new students of up to $1,500! Incoming freshman will be able to apply for up to three scholarships of up to $500 each in which to demonstrate their passion and aptitude. Scholarships in the following areas are available: English, mathematics, science, drama, service, music, and publications. Applications will be available for pick up from the school office in the spring, and will contain the requirements and deadlines for the scholarships.

scholarship testing information 2014/15
deadline: April 9, 2014 @ 3:30 PM
Northern California Conference education scholarships
Scholarships provided by the NCC office of Education. Applicants must be baptized members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church or children of active Seventh-day Adventist members.
deadline: to be announced
needs-based scholarships
Needs-based scholarships are available to qualifying families. These scholarships are provided by local SDA churches and the Northern California Conference. Applications for the Needs-based scholarship will be available starting March 1. The deadline for this application will be after April 15.
deadline: not available
To learn more or apply, contact the business manager at 707 200 2648 x 2103 or business@pucprep.org