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The next step in Christian education.

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new students

Welcome to Prep ― the next step in Christian education! We're so excited that you're thinking about coming to school with us. For over 100 years, Prep has served the Napa Valley with powerful Christ-centered academics. We invite you to explore our school; who we are, what we do, and why.

learn about Prep

If you haven't already, be sure to check out our mission & competencies to learn about our core values and beliefs. You may also want to visit the profile page to get an idea of what Prep is like, how many students are currently enrolled…stuff like that.

Be sure to check out classes like our new visual arts program on the courses page, and how about free college courses? One of our best qualities is the College Early program, powered by Pacific Union College. Learn more, here. Curious about what a day at Prep looks like? Head on over to the class schedule page to view and download the class schedule for this year.

That's where you are now! Once you've finished exploring this page, visit the financial planning page to see how Prep makes education affordable for everyone. Interested in visiting Prep? Our Academy Day is the perfect way to get to know our students and teachers and explore our academics.

prep life
Touchdown on the athletics page to see our sports lineup for this year. From soccer and volleyball to football and basketball, there's bound to be something for you. Speaking of sports, our calendar is filled with games and tournaments, along with other school events. Take a look to get an idea of what the year will look like. Familiarize yourself with the faces of Prep on the gallery page and then stop by the student handbook page to learn about Prep's polices. On the forms & docs page you can find, print, or fill out enrollment forms, tuition forms, and more.

get started

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give us a call!
We'd love to to talk with you and your family about the opportunity for enrollment at Prep! We'll discuss class placement, the best courses to take, and creating the best financial plan possible. Call or email us today to get started.

+1 707 200 2648 or start@pucprep.org
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    diploma types
    We offer two types of diploma: regular and advanced ― both are college preparatory. Advanced diploma recipients are those who have completed an extended course program. Learn more on the graduation & diploma page.
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    merit scholarships
    Prep is excited to offer incoming freshmen merit scholarships worth up to $1,500! Take advantage of these scholarships by visiting the financial planning page.
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    college early
    Our juniors and seniors can take free classes at Pacific Union College through the College Early program. Learn how, here.
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    service & work experience
    Each student at Prep is expected to complete at least 25 hours of service in the community for each year that they're with us. A four year senior will have submitted at least 100 hours. Completing service is a requirement for graduation and needs to be fulfilled before a student receives their diploma.

    Students at Prep also need to partake in at least 100 hours of work experience with an employment of their choice. Also a graduation requirement, work experience needs to be completed before a student receives their diploma.
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    google apps
    All of our students have their own @pucprep.org email address through Google, giving us a unified form of communication, as well as personalized access to Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and much more.
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    dress code
    While we don't require plaid skirts and ties, Prep expects students to dress modestly with collared tops and appropriate length pants/shorts/skirts, etc. Read more about the Student Image and Dress Policy in the Student Handbook.
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    food options
    At lunch, students with off-campus privileges can head over to the College Market, Angwin's grocery store, for things like sandwiches, pizza, and burritos, or stop by the college cafeteria for freshly prepared meals.
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fill out forms
When you're ready to fill out the enrollment application and other forms, download the New Student Enrollment packet for this year. You can grab it from the link below. Included is a checklist that will help you stay on track.
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interview, class scheduling, financial clearance
If you haven't already, you'll sit down with our principal for your entrance interview. After that you'll be set to configure your class schedule, graduation plan, and sign your financial contract. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment or ask a question.
peter fackenthall
+1 707 200 2648 x 2101
business manager
betty mcgraw
+1 707 200 2648 x 2103
stephanie bothwell
+1 707 200 2648 x 2102
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books, polo, and email
On the first day of school, you'll check out your textbooks for the semester, pick up your school polo, and get set up with your Prep email and access to the wireless network.