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athletic director
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physical education
Physical Education is a requirement for students in grades 9 and 10. Students in this class participate in organized sport activities such as football, basketball, and volleyball as well as running and endurance training.

5 credits/semester
A more advanced class with a focus on creating and maintaining a long-term fitness plan. Students use fitness equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, and weight training equipment such as free weights, calve machines, and the bench press.

5 credits/semester


boys flag football
boys club soccer
girls junior varsity volleyball
girls varsity volleyball
cross country
no sports scheduled
boys junior varsity basketball
boys varsity basketball
girls varsity basketball
upcoming games
The most up to date information about games, leave times, and more can be found on the Prep calendar.



physical education 9 & 10, fitness
PE 9, PE 10, and Fitness require the purchase of a Falcon physical education uniform ($30). A student does not need to buy a new uniform for Fitness if they still have theirs from PE 9 or 10. Additional equipment for these classes may also be needed such as a softball glove or tennis racquet.

varsity sports
A $150 fee is required for participation in varsity sports. This fee is required for every varsity sport a student participates in.

academic requirements

Students at Prep are required to fulfill 30 credits of Physical Education for both the general and advanced diplomas. Freshmen and sophomores are required to take a physical education class worth 10 credits for two semesters. Fitness, an elective physical education class is also available to students, offering 10 credits for two semesters. See how a typical student completes their Physical Education graduation requirement of 30 credits below.

freshman year
PE 9 - first semester (5 credits)
PE 9 - second semester (5 credits)
10 credits this year, 10 credits total

sophomore year
PE 10 - first semester (5 credits)
PE 10 - second semester (5 credits)
10 credits this year, 20 credits total

junior year
Fitness - first semester (5 credits)
Fitness - second semester (5 credits)
10 credits this year, 30 credits total

A student may also choose to participate in extracurricular sports such as football, basketball, or volleyball. These sports are available in two varieties, junior varsity and varsity. A typical varsity sport awards 5 credits and a JV sport offers 2.5. Credits earned from participating in these sports are applied towards the Physical Education requirement.